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Hey my names Kathryn Wilson and this is my story... When I was just a baby I was raped by a guy I didn't even know. When I was two I was raped by my ex step brother. Again when I was five until I was eleven by my brother. In that time I was abused by my dad and was called names by my grandma and aunt. All through my life I've been called names like- fatass **** ***** ***** ***** ho. Was told stuff like- nobody likes you, why do you even exist, you know that nobody likes you so why don't you go cut you're wrist some more, you are such a ***** get out of this school. And that's not all. Ever since I was just a baby till I was eleven I was used for sex. Now all I do is try to make it through the day. I used to have suicidal thoughts. I might start cutting again. Words hurt to and I'm just one example. Most of the people that are bullied kill themselves. I feel like we all make mistakes and some things we can't control and bullies just bully because maybe they're getting bullied to or they're having family troubles.
Even if I don't like someone I still don't like people bullying them. I want to just get everything out and nobody judge me. I want to die sometimes. I cry every night but I hide my feelings deep inside all day. Now I have random guys coming up and saying we never slept together so just stop spreading rumors. And i guess I slept with all the guys in school and I'm pregnant I'm not really. I skipped school one day and most people said the reason I wasn't there was because I was pregnant.
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1 Response Feb 7, 2013

Oh dear, Kathyrn that is a sad troubling story you told. You are between the age of 16-17 years old I suspect teenage years are difficult. Your issues stem from your family life, which sounds horrible but you are entering near the age when you graduate to take control of your life and move away from the people who hurt you rather than love you.

Find a support group that does not know you, find a college to go to far away and start a life that is about you. Thinking about ending a life that God gave is so sad. Finding a church home and seeking faith to give you strength is all the beginning.

Stay strong, forge forward spiritually, emotionally and academically so you can find your way independent of the people who hurt you.

I will pray for you, God speed. Ugh...