So, I have been dating my BF (Cam) for almost three years now. I really like being with him, I love him. But since being at college, I have made quite a few guy friends. Well actually practically all guy friends. And there is one guy in particular that I am starting to like... a lot. We just have so much in common. And its just making me feel really confused because I have Cam but I'm starting to like this other guy. I really dont know what I should do about it. And Cam and I have been fighting about the dumbest things, like always. And to make things even better, I keep hearing people say that I should break up with Cam because he is controlling my life. So with all this happening I dont know if I should leave or if I should stay.. Help me..
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2013

I had the same problem, i CAN NOT make female friends. From personal experience, I cut all the males out of my life. All of them don't care your man is away from you, all they want IS YOU. No matter if they are "just friends" or not. In my opinion if you KNOW you love Cam, stay away from your male friends and try to make female friends who can give you support. Maybe other women in long term relationship. Hope all goes well girl

usually if you're debating whether or not you want to end a relationship with someone and ask others for advice, you probably should. but if you do decide that you're relationship with your current boyfriend is worth fighting for, i would probably respect your relationship and not hang out with only males? it seems to be putting you in compromising positions, and if you want to make a relationship last you must willingly remove yourself from, or avoid situations that may jeopardize your relationship. sorry if i didn't help, i hope you make a decision you are happy with.