If anyone on the planet of EP would be gracious enough to converse with me I would be most delighted. I am bored out of my brains, and would love some conversational stimulation. Just simple conversation is all that is required :) Thanking you muchly
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Oh how I enjoyed reading such a wonderfully worded statement as that. Well done

Thanking you kindly :)

Your manners and use of the English language are exemplary, I truly hope you are having as good a day as your language skills

My day has been rather splendid, thank you. How have you found the solar sojourn that was today?

Hey I'm Zack very easy to get along with ha pretty calm but try to fun! msg me if ya wanna!

Hey dude, I will :)

Good :)

sure, but i'm from a different timezone :D

Cool :)

feel free to message me :D

Talk about what?

Anything :) Just a nice, friendly chat :)

But me i want to talk much more than that,about Love.

We can talk about that if you want :) I don't mind

ok let us talk abt love,passion,romance,affection,desire

Sure, send me a private message :)

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hi, it would be lovely if u would visit this and tell me what you think?


Wow. I have no words.
Ok...maybe a few. You have a beautiful way with words, and you literally just made me feel a whole load better about life. :) You're magic.

you're just being too nice. :) i am glad my words help u somehow.

I promise you, that's how I feel. It has been said that I'm too polite, but most of the time I'll only say something complimentary if it's worth saying, or if it would be really awkward if I don't hahaha :)