Need some advice would anyone be upset if there seen there bf lookin up other girl on Facebook that he knew to see what they was up to just being nosey .... Then he seen how upset I got and I said let me see them again m he keep sayin no no coz u will get upset again do u think that only reason but in the end he let me see them all but I did get really upset
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How often does he look them up? Seems like he may be resentful that he ended up w you?

Why don't you give him a bit of his own medicine??

Maybe you have??

Just people he nos don't do it anymore


People do that out of curiosity. If he is in contact with them, that is different matter

No he was not talkin to them

Ok then who cares. As long as he is over them and not infatuated...

If he isn't over them, then you need to end it

What do u mean over them

If he still thinks about them and / or they interfere in your relationship via memories, etc.
Does he keep anything of theirs like a photo with a note on the back?

There ppl are not ppl he been in realsonship with just people he know from school or something

Ok, then you seem cool.

My wife got very distant from me about the time I noticed she was pulling out a photo of an ex on a frequent basis. (I could tell bc order of photo kept moving in stack).

So, my situation seems quite diff than yours.

Would u say there notjing roung with it

Because he has not had relationships w these people - didn't u say that??

Ye he never had relaonahip with any of them

Then who cares!!!!!

Has he been honest and open to all of your questions wout being defensive? Then, you r good!

It's when they get secretive that I must worry!!

When I 1st asked him he was but coz I keep goin on he gets mad


I have never asked that question so cannot help u

So when ppl get defensive is that mean they done sonwyjing


It is a RED FLAG or letter

What does defensive mean

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