Does this sound abit werid to anyone I asked my boyfreind as he still got the 2 girls he sleep with on Facebook and he said ye so he deleted them and blocked them to ... Why did he block them aswel
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Then perhaps he blocked them to prove a point?, Or he felt hurt himself in someway by them.

No coz he would of got rid of them not when I asked

Then it would seem you are saying that you believe that it did to put on a show for you because you asked it .

What u mean

Based on what you are saying he only blocked them because of you for some reason, perhaps because he did not want anything they said to him to be seen or because he was trying to to make it look like he had no interest in them in anymore.
Note - this is based soley on your own response, perhaps he was being genuine and was trying to show you that.

I seen thing anyway but they never spoke to him anymore

Then his blocking them ensures that that will continue to be the case.

What will ??

So u think he block them so they wud not talk to him

Perhaps, only you are really in the postion to gauge his behaviour at the time he done it, consider too how he behaved in the time preceding it and whether he seemed depressed afterward.

No I just asked have u stil got them on there and he said ye and I said delte them so he did and I said what u doin and he said blocking her so I went mad sayin I done get why your blocking her

what was his answer?

Your told me get rid of them

Then I think perhaps for now you will have to accept he has done exactly as you wanted.

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Wait... you gave him a hard time about having old girlfriends on facebook. So he deleted them and blocked them so they wouldn't bug him. And now you're going to give him a hard time about that?
Are you always that insecure or are you just high maintenance?

He said they would not bug him coz he don't talk to them anymore