When people say people get defensive if they done something can it be when you 1st ask them or is it differnt if u have asked them th same qestion loads of times
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If you ask them the same question more than once and they start getting defensive it's usually because they're annoyed not because they did anything wrong. I know this because I have severe ocd and I tend to ask my bf the same questions more than once, and naturally it'll start to irritate him and he gets defensive

That made me feel much better do u ask yours same all the time

Yea, I have anxiety about relationships and it triggers my ocd so I ask the same thing over and over, it causes a lot of problems so I try my best not to, but it's really hard. I'm happy I was able to make you feel better! :)

Do you think I should just try atop asking the same things

Yea definitely, if you can stop then I bet you'll notice you're relationship will improve :)

Hmmm I no as your no ever done anything to upset u

What do you mean?

Like with argueing n other girls

Yea we have argued a lot and I worry about other girls, I'm paranoid about being cheated on, it's my worst fear

I am to so bad :/ I looked thou my gf history on fb and seen he looked up girl he knew on fqcebook he said he was only bein nosey and curoies

Hmm yea I'd be a little worried to but I don't think it's anything really bad

Just really upset me why would u be worried

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