Ages ago my boyfriend went away but we Wernt together we was just seeing each Orher .... But he went in early kist night coz he just wanted come home to me but I asked him when he come bk did he do anything and he said no but I keep asking him and he went mad at me .., then ppl at work ask his friend was he shagging around do you think they just asked that
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Omg people this is that lauaratourney person with a different account same exact questions about her boyfriend . Don't even bother people , this has to be some stupid 13 yr old with fake account . Trust me when I say shes alrdy been given a load of advice , either she's retarded or severly retarded , hope your boyfriend finds someone better who won't hassle him about the past and wishing you stay alone forever hah

yur grammar is d gudest

If he said no then you should trust him. Guilty or not don't keep asking! As a guy it will make us mad if we aren't believed, him getting mad is not a sign of guilt, he's just hurt that you don't trust him.

If I keep askin u more than once would u get mad

Yes, if I already said no, I would get mad.

Just my take on this... Don't know if it's right or wrong...
He may or may not have slept with someone else all you can do is ask and expect an honest answer. The fact that you don't trust his answer is more concerning to me. It show either an insecurity in oneself or in the relationship, or both...

I have ask him loafs then one day I asked him again and he lost it with me and went mad sayin who do u think I am .... Then I said why did ppl ask at work if u sleep around