I Got Nothinthi

i dont know how you start something like this???? i found this site because "i needed someone to talk to " not because i had something to say. so i guess it is hello, and goodbye...all in just a few minutes.

shedeiss shedeiss
11 Responses Apr 1, 2009

goodbye coward.

really that is bull you are a women talk like one

My husband doesn't talk much either! When I want to talk I call my girlfriends; isn't that sad!

Well hello to you! I need someone to talk to as well. How is life going for you?

It's a start. I'd like to talk with you. What are you doing? What was on your mind when you made that post? What would you like to be doing?

talk talk. We are here.

I'll talk. I live with a man who nevers says **** to me. If I asked him if he liked what I fixed to eat he replies "I ate it didn't I?" Is that talking? What about you? Do you ever get positive feedback from anyone in your life?

I understand everyone has different needs as far as association; some need very little, but don't ALL of us need a minimum amount of conversation?

Isn't that why we are here; we are not getting a healthy dose of contact with others?

You people are losers and i agree with this person. someone to talk to and i didnt find it. i needed im sick of all this. i hate my freaken life.

hunny dont hate your life what going on whats bothing you y are you so agree

I understand EXACTLY how you feel. Sick of isolation.

if You choose to be with people, be careful. My simple advice is to contact people who care about You. The best place i know to express Yourself, is going near the Oceans. People who off the sea and we ars very supportive. Best Wishes, michelle

I love the ocean. I wish I lived close enough to one to go occasionally. It does help to be on the beach with the seagulls chattering, the waves soothing....etc. Good advice mmom46

Can you see me??? I am waving over here..hi!! talk, talk, talk!! Im here to listen!

What did you want to say?

If you'd like someone to talk to, feel free to email me at ames272001@yahoo.com or find me on yahoo messenger...my username is ames272001. We can all use someone to talk to and I am available! I hope you have a nice day!