i often find myself lonely and needing to talk to someone ... not about specific things , just talk .... i do have friends to talk to , but sometimes u just need someone who doesnt know u , someone who wouldnt judge u , where u can feel comfortable sharing anything with them and enjoy being told about their life , without all the complexity in real life conversations with people that u know

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Hi. I'm in that boat. Everything beautiful around me. But so lonely

Ok so your lonely, talk away let's hear it all. I am new here and happy to listen. I am not young, religous, judgemental, wealthy or lonely.
I am old, fat, ugly, and bald but I have had one hell of a good life and still live each day to the full.
Every day is a bonus and it's a joy to wake up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead.
Is there a message facility on this board? Let's share our experiences.

yes all of us need someone to talk to. I get to feeling lonely too. There is one being that will listen to you wholeheartedly without question and that is Jesus of the Bible. Just find you a New Testament somewhere and read. In there you will find words that will cover any thoughts that might be troubling you. He is real and He loves all regardless of your lifes history or what you may have done. Ask Him for forgiveness and He will save you. All of have sinned and come short of the glory of God. When Jesus was on this earth He did not come to condemn us but all that believe in Him will be saved.

We are all in the same boat and the best thing is no one is here to judge. We are here for each other.
God Bless

Hi InMyLife
I know what you mean it's talk with out the fear of being judged maybe. I lucked out my oldest is my person. I could tell her anything. So talk away no one should ever feel lonely. God knows that's a horrible feeling.

I feel like you......

Why sometimes does it feel like the people around you, are only pretending to listen? It gotten to a point that I NEED someone else to talk to. I don't have many friends, and my family just seems to not understand. I would talk to my Mom, but she lives far away. Her schedule is also very different than mine. Anyways, I just hate that I feel this way. I want to scream, not that it would help...

I know the feeling. There is a lot to be said about talking over things to someone you know nothing about. I am kind ,considerate.and honest. I do not lie , steal or cheat. My reasons are almost selfish. As long as I abide these rules- I can say or do whatever I want because I know that I will never hurt or sa anything bad to hurt anyone. When you lie to soeone it is like droping a pebble in to a lake. It just gets bigger and bigger. So I try to keep it simple. And that way, nothing comes back to haught Life has become to complicated to make it any worse. Don't you agree?.

if u need someone u can talk to me ...<br />
as im also feeling the same ....<br />
i'll not judge u as am not perfect bt i'll still try to help ...<br />
<br />
i may b new here bt i'll love to help ya

i feel the same way... dont worry swthrt..dont think too mch... we all r togthr in our loneliness....

i feel the same way... dont worry swthrt..dont think too mch... we all r togthr in our loneliness....

Hey u can talk to me...i need friends to talk too..just drop me a message....

Hey, I'm new here but I guess we all feel the same. This is really nice to meet people that feel like I do. If anybody wants to talk I'm here most of the time.

Yeah.. I know what you mean.

Same + I feel the same way so if you read this... !

Hi, if you ever need to talk about anything i'm here.

Same here :)

I would be glad to talk too :)

yes i absolutely agree with you As I feel that all the time as well. Maybe I will talk to you too thelonewayhome:)

talk away if you still need to, i feel the same most of the time.