He Left Me

Yep. I have to pay for an apartment and all our bills by myself. He also tries to confuse me. He comes over and cries b/c he misses me and wants to kiss, but then is like "I'm sorry it's just not right." I'm so glad I tol dhim to cut me out of his life... but I miss him. Am I normal? LOL

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22-25, F
6 Responses Aug 3, 2009

Yes you very very normal. Love is a feeling not a light switch you can turn on. And off. If you want him out of your life stand strong take the respect you deserve back and most important remember time heal. Good luck

you are well on your way to becoming a totally independant woman..and if this guy is toying with your emotions, GOOD FOR YOU for kicking him out of your life!! Don't let him weasle his way back in!!<br />
Keep your head up!! Things will be so much better in the end!!

off course your normal. you just dump him so that's what your feeling. but its good to leave him. guys like that are just plain useless.

Just read it again...to leave you with all the bills and responsibility is just plain weak, you're much better off without him!

Completly normal...good on you for cutting him out of your life, that's the hardest part, now you just have to keep going.good luck and props to you :)

Of course you are normal. It isn't easy to just turn off your feelings. You have to give yourself some time. And if he is still coming around and playing with your emotions, he is making it harder for you. Good for you for mustering up the strength to tell him to cut you out of his life. Now you have to concentrate on going on without him. Peace and power to you.