I Need Someone to Lean On....

I think i might be depressed or just overly stressed. It is so bad i think it is effecting me physically. I want to be a strong person... and try to give to everyone. I am the type of person that needs everyone to be happy. but i feel everytime i make one person happy i **** another one off.... I dunno what to do to make everything feel balanced. my head is spinning in so many directions i just want to do something right......

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5 Responses Aug 9, 2009

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Do something right...lean on yourself. :-)

With the situation I am in I know the feelings of just wanting to do something right. All of the memories that have come back fro the 14 years that I have lost have been bad. I would just like to have one good one. As far as your feelings try and think of the people that you have made happy. Those are the differences that count the most!! That one person that you made happy may have gone out and made someone else happy so therefore you have then made 2 people happy. Try and think of things that way. Everyone you make smile have probably went out and made someone else smile, so you have made a difference in many lives even though you may not know most of them!!

It sound slike you are having some depressive feelings. I agree, be the best person you can be for yourself, if it makes others just as happy - Great. If you want to talk more, feel free to email me. I am working on my depression, and don't want to see anyone else experience what I have.

Hi<br />
Im a people pleaser too, but in reality, sometimes you just can't please everyone! You have to focus on pleasing yourself and then move on to your family. <br />
You will drive yourself nuts if you worry about what all your friends are doing or feeling. You can only do so much.... don't stress yourself out over that. If you are a kind person and you are trying your best, that is all anyone can ask for. <br />