No One To Depend On

I feel so alone wish their was someone 100 percent there for me.
oyd3p5r4qs oyd3p5r4qs
2 Responses Jun 9, 2010

share with me. it helps to communicate, i'll be there to listen to you. You know I was the type of person and had to talk talk talk, always talk about what was going on with me. It kept me in a place that I was trying to get out of by talking. I deceided that i was not going to talk about my thing anymore, just write about it here, but when I was with my firends I would talk about things going on with them. That helped to put me in a different fr<x>ame of mind and a better place.

i know i only had a cuz but she moved to arquentina and if ur listening to this mirrella its me nixza ur little girl cuz