Just A Little Rant

When I was 15 I dated this guy  for a year and a half,  and he was a little older than me,  19 year old italian guy. You could say that i was a type of lolita, I'm asian and i felt as though he dated me because I was small and androgenous almost like a girl. But i'm not just an asian man, my dad is amerasian, which means although he was born in asia his bloodline is from america and europe, so i evolve into different looks from time to time, well anyways as I got older i got really tall and my built got bigger and lost my boyish look and we broke up  and since then I've dated other white men. I've noticed that there are two major groups of gay men - the ones with expected ideals and the ones with fetishes, and then a smaller group that's accepting, curious, and exposed. I've always heard stereotypes going around about asian guys and it makes me upset, like asian men are too feminine, small, or always hitting on white guys and I know it's not true, these stereotypes makes it seem like asians are static, ugly, inferior people. I feel like alot of gay asian men are alienated because our culture--our american culture can't see the beauty in everyone, even in the gay community people have mostly a hellenistic idea of what beauty is. Also I feel like the ones that are really into asians are using those stereotypes as some sort of cultural escapism. Granted I've been with really wonderful guys with other things to do rather than having a  hang-up with race, who remind me everyday of how attractive I am. I'm still pissed that there are people our there who are so closed minded, misinformed, or brainwashed. They have one idea of what masculinity and subjects everyone else to it. I'm heavier than the statue of david because I have a soul, and guess what masculinity like everything else is fragmented!  Just had to get that out.
soulreader soulreader
Jul 11, 2010