Hope Things Get Better

I want a man in my life I want the right one. Its hard to be positive I keep falling for the wrong one thinking they are going to be the one. I need a job I"mtrying to find one I"m trying to be positive. I"m 23 and I wish I knew what career path to take everyday I'm frustrated can't decide I have volunteered worked different jobs and taken career tests nothing seems to be clear. All I love is music I can't pursue it I'm broke trying to get on my feet pursuing my music will get me more broke atleast thats what everyone keeps telling me. I'm loset sad ever since my mom got sick after I have graduated I been lonely we use to be so close. My best friend lives so far away. I'm just sad I'm miserable I know there are people with worse problems than mine. I hope things get better.
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Thank you that has helped me I am starting to play the piano in church I'm so excited.

is it the man your missing? or the job? or normalcy in your life? take time out.... think hard and figure out. ask yourself the right questions. stop worrying about meeting the right guy and all. if ur not happy with urself, you really wont be with anyone else. c'mon... make your life bigger. make some friends , pick some hobbies, get a job (deal with the money issue) and the right guy will come along.<br />
well, if music is your passion then music is what you must go for. going broke.... well then get some job to support yourself and work part time on your music. about music you could do lots ot things associated with it - play an instrument, get in a band or orchestra, compose/write music/songs, teach music, work in a music store, review songs from artists, launch an internet site related to music, review upcoming bands etc. etc. google careers in music....

well i think we need to stop praying that other people will love us so we can be happy. i have tried so many times to be the perfect girl frind, frined daughter, student, employee, i am ******* tired of making every body happy at my expense so that maybe they will love me. i have accepted that sometimes the only person who needs to ove me is me