Whats Wrong With Me?

The more I think about my life the more depressed and angry I get. I'm not 100% sure, but I know I have some form of dyslexia. I swhich words around when I speak sometimes I even mix two words together and get a strange new one. I leave out words when I write something and I sometimes misspell words even when I know how to spell it. I have little to no social life. Prefer staying at home with my video games rather talking to people. Whenever I do talk to someone (especially women) they lose instrest because I have nothing to talk about. I had a decent relationship but my paranoia got the best of me and nows its just an awkward friendship. I have little faith in my fellow man and the thought of dieing all alone dosen't sound so bad. I hate all of my family for no good valid reason. I question my sexuality at moments. And I fell like whenever I tell somebody about my problems that A) I sound like a whiny ***** or B) they don't care.

I just want change myself for the better and hopefully find something worth living for and fighting for.

Sometimes I just wanna die. Somewhere quite and away from everyone  so I'm not an inconvenience.
dizzygear686 dizzygear686
Jul 14, 2010