Heartbreak In Silent

I'm a kind of woman that have no close friend. Most of the time,I keep my feeling on my own. There's time when I feel like I just want to blast and forget everything.

For a long period of time, I hv a relationship with my boyfriend. I can say,better to be loved by someone rather love someone. I thought if I really care to him,he'll do the same. Most of the time,I follow what his wants. But sometimes, my feeling just can't stand it anymore. - just need him to hug me,stay with me and told me that he loves me,when we argue. But he never did.

Everytime we clash,he just leave me with no words. Is one hug is really hard to give? Sometimes I'm doubt about his commitment, it feels that its only me who really into him. It makes me sick. I need someone who can talk to, giving good advice without any intention to worsen the situation.

We have been togetger for quite a long time,but still, I feel empty and pain whenever we clash. Is it a word "sorry" is very hard to say? All the time,it"ll be be who say the word.

I just cry myself.
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

yYou just need 2 make him relise u are worth fighting for most men need wan crave a woman wen the make them feel needed. <br />
There are alsow the men thow like the woman to wan them mre and with the arguments he may have never knwn the meaning off the word sorry. meaning they may use it wisly leave you witing and wanting you hearing it wen its always there.<br />
Hes there for you hun he just needs 2 know how 2 show u it.

Next to every successful man is the right women. The women holds the hidden strength to hold the pillars in place for the doors to open.<br />
<br />
Relationships get hard sometimes, when there are different needs, and the two do not unite together to create the path to prosper in happiness. When the clash becomes a constant and there is no talking things out to satisfy the individual needs, to think of marriage with this type of relationship the chances of success are slim to none. It does become time to reflect on your desires, what you are searching for.

I am so sorry for your tears my friend,,,,but just know that those tears are ver speical to the Goddess,,,for every tear that falls the Goddess gains more power over God,,,,because this way if he condons,,,does not bring the Mother any closer to himself,,,and men better wake up,,,because the fight is about over,,,,Hugs are very very healing,,,and if can not give you that small thing,,,I would not let him have any more of you,,,he is a lier,,,and he knows not the way of real Love,,,its much more than a stupid way for them to get what they want and leave women hanging on for something else,,,well come on,,,,we are not their feet stools,,,we are suppose to be help mates ,,,and think of each other and what each of us needs to feel happy,,,I don't think that there are enough happy people,,,Mary