Losing Everything But Can't Stop It....

Well I'd like to start off with the fact that I'm 20 and have had major depression for four years now. What started as a small loss of someone I truly and deeply cared for turned into something that has and continues to haunt me in every aspect of my life. I find myself pushing people away and isolating myself. The most important relationships I've had have ended really poorly and I keep doing it despite my best efforts not to. I'm really and truly not a bad person one bit but with everything that has happened to me in the past four years, I feel that if I continue like this, everyone in my life will be gone. I've felt the bitter and harsh taste of loneliness and it isn't getting any better. I would just really like someone to talk things out with.....
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Thanks for the support, that's really kind. Zombiegirl, if you want to hear be rant about my boring stories then I'd very much love the ear. And Wannabesuperwoman I will be patient, I have been for what seems like forever maybe it'll pass and I sure hope it does but having people to talk to might surely make it a lot easier

Lifes days are a roller coaster ,thou I'm sure u heard that before.when we loose someone who's made a speical immpression on our lives we go on daily seeing things in places or people that remind us. Keep them in your thoughts n focus n how to make ur future the best possible.for strong indepedant u.the rest will follow.n pray If u beileve in the heavens our friend n family will hear us .stay calm n patient things will turn around for u.

I'm more then happy to talk to you about this. I'm no shrink but I know loss and heartbreak