So Lonely And Unhappy

Currently, I'm into a relationship that exhaust everything in me. I'm single, living in with a separated man (w/ his own 3 kids). Twas against all odds as I chose to be with him than my family. Last year, he decided to get his kids and now, we started living like a family. In the beginning, everything was okay until my partner started to womanize constantly, his kids started to show disrespect in me but will reverse whenever he is around, I pay most of their vices, buy this (left and right), pay tuition fees, sell my jewelries to have extra money and to the extent that I couldnt send money for my mom who is sick..and all these lead me to realize that im exhausted, lonely and unhappy.Im teaching them how to live in a simple and low-profile life same as how my family raised me. but they couldnt (including him) and he always has the last say in the family. My world rotated only to them...i gave up my friends, no time to go out with friends, no social life and unhappy with my sex life.

I think my love for him was gone...when he constantly womanizing face to face (like having relationships with my friends) the pains have lessen of course my trust and love (plus totally lost my ****** which I would fake it)...until it reaches the point that I am looking for another man who would love, respect and be faithful in me...About his kids, i observe that they're not happy with me and we get along only in his presence.

Now, Im planning to take vacation back to my country after two mom asked him to let me go home super excited that I could be free again and this time, spend my own money for my family...for sure, to meet, gain new friends and will have a LIFE!

ladybieanne ladybieanne
31-35, F
Jul 27, 2010