Not Exactly Sure Where To Start...

My name is Angela and I'm nineteen. I have gone through slot int life, but I'm not trying to say that I've been through more than others. I'm not trying to day anything like that. My family at home is very disfunctional, I live them very much but can't handle being there. My parents have never gotten along, I was the only child for ten years. I now have two little brothers. Not only have my parents fighting been an issue but my mother has an addiction to pain pills that has really effected all of us. My father is a sex addict or something along the lines of that. He hasn't ever messed with me or my brothers at all. The only reason I know about his problem is because I found his **** collection. Not what I was looking to find.
None of that is why I am here though. Right now I am having troubles with my boyfriend. Let me fill you in on some of my past love life history. Before the relationship I am in right now, I was with a guy for 4 years. He helped me get through alot. Highschool which I hated, because I had no friends what so ever. Then my mom going through rehab. We ended up being more so best friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. Maybe I was just young too young. I was fourteen when we started dating and he was eighteen. By the time I was eighteen he was ready to move on to the next step, marriage. I knew I didn't have those feelings because so much had changed so I ended things.
I met this new guy and that's a long story so... Anyways I really fell hard for this guy. He was going through alit when we first started talking his brother which was his best friend had just died in car wreck, and his girlfriend of 10 months cheated on him while he was going through his hard time. So mentally he wasn't to stable but he never has shown it.
Me and him have now been together for 11 months and we have had a really rough start, still are unfortunately. But I know I love him, I never felt what I feel for him with the guy I was with for four years. I am crazy about this guy, in the beginning he didn't really know what to do because he still had feelings for his ex. I still had something only because I had been with him for so long. So a few times when me and the new guy broke up he would start hanging out with his ex again and it really hurt me and confused me. Just recently fourth if July weekend to be exact we were absolutely perfect for us which is amazing! We come back home and it's like the next day things just flipped. He told me something that just really got to me so I ended it. Thinking he would apologize and realize he shouldn't have said that. But instead he had her "ex" come over and the hung out and she dyed his hair and just stuff like that. I'm with him again but that really hurt me and got to me this time. Like bad! I thought she was finally out of the picture. It bothers me that his mom keeps in touch with her to. Like I don't know if I am over reacting or what.
I just know I really love this guy and want things to work! What do I do...
Guys are so different. There is so much more I can day but for now that's enough.
Angela12345 Angela12345
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Let me guess this guy that you fell hard for introduced you to pot too. Same thing happens every where, guys curropt girls to get into their pants, girls get attached cuz they have no real family. The only way for a women like yourself to make it is to be independent. And i'm telling you there is no better women to raise a family with than an independent one. You are at a crossroad keep relying on shady guys who think with their ***** to fulfill your spiritual, social, and family needs. And you will keep getting disappointed one guy after another until you become so cold inside that you start doing the same thing to others, and maybe need drugs to make you feel alive. Don't grow up too fast, seek comfort in your personal religion and try and connect with your family. Easier said than done i know, but take a look around do you really want to end up like most women in our society? Or do you want to live a fulfilling and special spiritual life with a person who actually cares about you. Save yourself for that special someone cuz this DB who your with is jus tryna get into your pants. And as a self respecting independent women you want none of that, have no mercy on losers like your X and avoid them like the plague.