Confused About My Love Life

hey friends 
i m a young girl who has been in a  relationship from the past 2 years with this guy from my college...everything is going pretty serious with him...both of our parents know about the mother really likes this guy and whenever we fight or whenever there is some problem going on between us ...shes the one who cries the most...the fight really doesnt afect me much but she gets over involved and over sentimental which is why i have stopped sharing my love life with my mom...i dont  share it with my friends either cos they really dont care....i m jus left with options like dese sites to share my feelings and pour my heart out....this guy who i m dating is  a very good guy and he really loves me a lot but he forgets to show that love to me ...he doesnt call me much and he doesnt do anything a boyfriend should do for his girlfriend...we are in the same college but we meet only once a week..and that too he meets cos i ask him to...if i dont ask him to meet me then he wouldnt care...the problem is that ..this guy has taken me for granted in he thinks wateva he does...whether he ignores me or loves me at the end i wl b dere always...but even i m a human being and even i feel bad..he calls me only when hes getting bored...he really doesnt have time for me...i dont know who to tell all this....but as i m writing all this here...i m feeling much better as if someones removed the burden from my head.....i dont know what to do....pls help me
sanyakapur sanyakapur
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

After reading your story, I find the first part to be a 180 from the second. It seams that the problem lies within the second half of your post. From what I read he is not the person you describe at the top. I got the feeling from reading this that you already know this. For what it is worth I would say it is time to move on. I have been in a similar relationship. I was happier when it was over. I will not lie it took time for it to feel better bet it was. If you need someone to talk to I will always lend you my ear. I wish you a happy future.