******* Chasing Waterfalls.

Bascially, I'm 17, about to turn 18. I'm a recovering drug addict, from pills and alcohol. I've been clean since April 2010. Just got outta lock up in April too. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant right now, and it's frustrating and discouraging because I WANT a kid, (I didn't try for one), and I'm alone in my opinion, and alone in everything. I just don't even know anymore. I have no one to talk to, anything. But, anyways, all my pregnancy tests have come back negative, but I just know I'm pregnant. I just know it. And then my boyfriend says he's getting a full time job working the 3 to midnight hours, which means I'll NEVER see him. Ever. See, this would be good if I knew I was pregnant, because this means he'd be helping financially with the baby. But, knowing my luck, either I'm not pregnant, or I'll have a miscarriage, and be alone. So basically, I decided to start hustling again if this happens. Going back to my old life. I'm really bad at being human.
shuggiessie shuggiessie
Aug 10, 2010