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I am a 25 year old, married (soon to be divorced) woman. I have been with this guy for 7 years, and married for 2. We are getting a divorce and I am going through it all alone. Over the years, my relationship with this man has caused me to lose all my friends, and I just realized today, that I really have no one to talk to about anything. My relationship, family, and financial struggles are enough to deal with, and now I feel more alone than ever. If anyone is willing to listen to me gripe and maybe offer some advice, I would be more than willing to do the same for you. I just need someone to lend me an ear so that I dont go completely crazy...Thanks to anyone willing to lend one! ( prepared for a debbie downer, but maybe you can help change my tune....just thought I should warn you).
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Hi lonelygal. If you need someone to listen you can contact me at

Hey, lonelygal! let me tell you: I am on my third marriage and if it doesn't work, I will keep searching. One thing I can asure you honey: the grieve WILL PASS. It seems you are a smart girl, you look for help. It is a hard time, sure. As soon you have it done, change everything as a symbol of your new life. First thing is to go to a hair dresser. Change the color, the shape of you hair. Put on different kind of clothing. Change the furniture form the place, make different arrangements in your house. Keep fresh flowers where you live, even if it is just one only rose. The rose is for you, just for you. The smell of the roses can make wonders on your disposition. You are only 25! It will pass my dear. And you can trust another thing too: The changes in life are always for better, even if you can't see it now.

Yeah, but it is for the better. I have noticed that for the week that I have been here, I am much happier already! And yes, funny how life throws some MAJOR obstacles in your way, and still are able to crush them, and be happy. This is probably the biggest change I have gone through thus far in my life, and I am hopeful that it will all turn out okay. Still saddened by the loss of many many friends, but now that I am single again, I am sure I will be able to reconnect with some of them. I at least know who my true FAMILY is, and for now, that is all I need.

sad to here... we all go through so much in our life.

Sorry I havent responded in so long. I have decided to move out. On top of all this drama, I have been accused of cheating on my husband by his cousin (our roommate). I am so self conscious that I cant even take my hoodie off in public, but yet I am a cheater. I have been with 3 people my WHOLE life, and married the 3rd guy, but I am a cheater! My husband knows I am not ******* around, but to be accused, and shunned by his family without even asking me where I have been is disgusting, disrespectful, and too dramatic for me to even deal with. Since December, my dad has learned, and suffered from an inoperable brain tumor, who has been givin weeks to live, so where have I been for the last 2 weekends? My husband knows, as he was there, but no one believes me, and says that I am screwing his son while im out there (mind you they arent blood, but he IS MY DADDY). I didnt realize that my private, personal life was so interesting to talk about, and twist when they know nothing about the situation. They dont know my family because of the drinking and drug abuse, on top of the verbal abuse. Completely devastated by it all. So I decided to remove myself from all the drama for my sanity. What has my husband done to resolve these new issues, NOTHING! So why stay there? I know what I need to do, and I am doing it. <br />
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Thank you all for the support, and willingness to let me vent. I need it, and knowing there are people out there who are willing to let me, is amazing! I am trying to remember that I am a strong, hardworking woman, and even though I gave it my all and it didnt work out, I know that I will survive, and move on. It will be a struggle, but I will make it. I always do. Just frustrated that the one being reprimanded for the lies is me, the one who does everything for everyone, (goes into debt to do so). The one who supports everyone even though I think they are all psychos who need help! I am the one who tried to make the relationship work, and I decided to be there for my family (didnt know that was a crime). I have done nothing wrong, and they will all know that when their time comes to be judged. <br />
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Thank you all for your kindness. As I have said, I will be more than happy to talk to any of you about your issues. I am a very good listener, and since you all were willing to do that for me, I will be more than willing to do the same in return. Nice to know there are other decent people out there! sad that its happening to you..but smtimes u cant help circumstances..<br />
i wud suggest just put the past behind..start afresh from this very moment..<br />
ur just 25..u gotta whole life to live..afcose u may have problems but its better to face them wid a smile..<br />
remember always keep a smile on your face..i know it may be hard to put up one but u ll have to start from now..from this very moment..because life aint waiting for you...its running..ur missing catch it up..grab life..i know it sounds philosophical,ol these words but i tried it and i tell u it ws very diificult in strating..ol my freinds started ignoring me and didnt give any ws heart breaking..i ws lonely..then i made me myselg as my freind.. i forced myself to smile..nd now m very happy..i love to no matter wt hppns..face d life with a is gnna give u positive energy...goodluck..

finding a real friend is so hard, i want to be your friend.. and share me your problem and i will listen

Hey Debbie Downer...I am going through my 2nd divorce. My first husband 2nd husband was I am living with a guy that I think is just taking advantage of me. I have no friends...I can't talk to my family...I will listen, if you will. I think that some women, myself included, tend to be drawn to destructive relationships. I see it, yet I can't stop doing it. Maybe there should be a support group for women like us. LOL. For some reason, valid or not, we feel like we don't deserve any better. I have no magic advice to offer, but I do have understanding and experience. So, here I am...let it out.