I Need To Talk <3

If you can relate to any of my problems please add me just so that i have someone.. anyone to talk to <3

I cut myself
My boyfriend can be such a *****
I'm bullied
I'm so disgustly fat!
My mum was raped when she was younger and it's eating me up inside, i don't know what to do!
My brother was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago
And of course all of the normal crappy stuff that goes hand in hand with being a teenage girl

I just don't want to feel so alone...

And even if you dont have any of these problems but a different one of your own that you want to talk about then please, just know that you can talk to me. About anything. I will not judge. I will simply listen <3 <3
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NeedToBe, I feel so very bad for you. I feel your pain and wish there was more I could do to help. I am here for you if you want to talk about anything at all. I generally work with younger kids as a Volunteer Child Advocate but I have seen a lot of very sad situations. I sincerely would like to try and give you some advice and encouragement. You can write me through Messaging on my profile page or directly at FunGuy1326@yahoo.com Please take care of yourself talk to someone, either me or somebody else you can trust. I am here and I care.

Talk to me!!!! I'm a teenage girl. Im going through horrible boy problems </3. Im heartbroken right now. I'm bullied too. Please message me or something id love to talk to you!! <3333333

can i join with you,if want to talk to me just cal 09701146046

I'll talk to you too!

I will always talk to you. No one should have to feel lonely here. Message me and I will follow up.