The Loneliness Of Not Being Able To Talk To Anyone

Sometimes I feel like I am going to burst- I don't have any close friends and find that I cant talk to my partner because she is so busy and things have been tough between us.I so need to share "my story" - things about my life - secrets I have, fears , etc to just tell the truth about how i really feel instead of being so scared of what people will think of me. I feel like I'm playing a role in life - and that my real self is hidden and lonely, desperately desperately lonely.
I have health issues that I find it hard to talk about and I feel anxiety about the stupidest of things. I don't feel connected to any adult human being -Everything seems to make me sad and I yearn for serenity and peace - But hardest of all is that I cant just sit down and talk to anyone ( maybe because it would take about a week to get everything off my chest) I'm on anti ds and I'm sure they make me feel numb inside.I feel very unpopular and even though I'm not a bad person , I feel I'm on the outside of life looking at all the "normal people" and envying them..
I hope that someone reads this and can identify with it. Thank you x Take care everyone x
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I too often feel this way.But now I am trying my best to be more stronger.I really now don't care about what other people think about me. I do what is right for me.

I will be your friend,I am also a good listener, feel free to inbox me or contact me by personal email : evdominiquemoore@gmail.con

Hi i know exactly you feel its the hardest thing in the world being lonely , ive been single for many years now working all the hours god sent to give myself and my son a better life , now he is 21 and has his own life , ive only just realised how life had passed me by ive lost my friends along the way never been one for spending my weekends out socialising making nearly impossible to meet a man, <br />
i feel lonely as hell about to spend yet another new year home alone .... ive just found this site so hoping to meet some friends along the way come say hi anytime

Hi, I understand how you feel. I have been feeling that way since I was 17 or so and it just got worse over time (and I just turned 20). I too want to share things about my life. I want to tell someone about how I really feel inside, how I hurt the way I do and just let out the person that I really am and not getting worried about how people would view me. And it's really hard for me to just sit down and just talk to anyone. I really feel trapped. And I don't have anywhere or anyone to turn to. I tried my friends but I realized they couldn't help me because they don't understand why I'm feeling this way. They couldn't understand. I don't feel connected to them because they haven't gone through what I have gone through.

The feeling of not being able to talk to your other half is mutual so i understand and not having best friends to talk to same... hope you time for me to talk to i would be so tickled to be your friend...

Ur message is very touching i knw exactly how you feel..I at times also feel as if no one understands me please feel free to contact me -its great to have signed up to this site i am here to help and i am here to listen

Hi - a lovely reply - Will you send me a message so we can start a chat ? Thank you x

Thanks - I have tried to send you a message but it wouldnt let me acces your profile - I may be doing something wrong ! Im still very new here -Maybe you could send me one and I will reply ? Thanks for ur kind message

I would listen, feel free to drop me a line. It's tough being lonely, not an easy time at all.

The love you have for your family is what matters most. Despite all things, take heart, just do believe, things gonna be better.

You are twice my age but I do understand feeling being scared of what people think of me and envying them those "normal people", <br />
<br />
Take Care<br />
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Thank you for the post -

many of us will talk with you not a problem

Thank you thats kind