I Just Wanna Cry.

People talk about there feelings and moods all time on fb. & I try it, I write down everything, but it's like it never ends. I can never get my point across. So, I never share it, never let people know. & I feel so embarrassed to tell anyone close to me. I just push people away, like it's my job. Sometimes I just feel so alone. I just want to cry. When I hang out with people, sometimes I will tell them my annoyance, my issues, but it's like no one's words can help me. Nothing they say is helping, it's just agreeing with why i'm annoyed. It's like everyone is sick of hearing me. I'm soo annoying. I just want someone who will never get annoyed at me. Someone who will make me change, or make me better.
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18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 23, 2011

1) Synchopants you don't need. That's like the person that asks "how are you?" and then you say not too hot and they say "oh that's good" and go on with what they wanted to say in the first place. Obviously they were not listening and a conversation is active listening and exchange of thoughts and ideas.<br />
2) The only person that can change you is YOU. Don't look to others for that. It won't work. Having the RIGHT people around you however will generate positive energy and you will get your groove back. <br />
3) It's unrealistic to go through life and expect no one to EVER get annoyed at you! Just as surely as there are all different types of plants and animals, there are myriads of personalities out there and different tolerance levels. Some people got a gift for pushing the wrong buttons. But life goes on. Keep writing your feelings. Sometimes I write letters to people who pissed me royally but never mail them and shred them but it makes me feel better. Hope this helps. If nothing else from all this. POSITIVE ENERGY, POSITIVE ENERGY are the key!

Facebook is a joke full of fake friends and false people. Life is to short for fake people. Instead of looking for people to change you, find people who except and like you for you. The thing that helped me the most in my life was learning the difference between friends and people i just knew.