I Go Days Without Talking To Anyone

I don't have any friends at all, I don't have a boyfriend or anything like that. No one calls my phone unless it's accidentally. 
My aunt and my grandpa sometimes talk to me, but it's never about anything I want to talk about or anything about me.
I have a cat, and I talk to her...it's a shame she can't talk back...

I had roommates last year but they pretty much hated me. A lot of people hate me or dislike me and I think it's because it can take a while to warm up to me, but anyone that would be willing to give me chance would see that I am a really great friend. I even wish I were friends with a person that's exactly like me because I'm confident that I am a good friend.

I really need someone to talk to. Even though I am an introvert, being so alone like this is really driving me crazy.
Hydronica Hydronica
22-25, F
8 Responses Sep 18, 2011

SEE ur not alone hang in there u do have friends

Omg, are you me?

You can talk to me... I need someone to talk to, too... Please come back on :(

hey...you can talk to me if you want to...i need friends to talk too :)

how about all you guys text me 4 anything 613 240 0420 :)!! lets all be friends with each other

You can talk to me too if you'd like. I'm always bored

I'm bored most of the time, we can talk if u want

Hey talk to me if you want, give me a message or something. I know its not the same talking online but its something :)