Like To Talk To Others With Ill Spouse

husband ill need some support
ssmitke2463 ssmitke2463
3 Responses Oct 10, 2011

then we get days like today get up to do baths here and we have a plugged drain

i am here if you want to talk<br />
<br />
i am a care provider and while my wife did have some minor medical issues it was just part of life for us growin up<br />
<br />
but she was also killed at age 19

I'm so sorry your husband is Ill. I'm sure it makes you very sad. I'm taking care of my grandma with 3 small children and my husband is gone over the road as a truck driver. Sometimes I think i could just scream cause i have no one to latch on to and cry . I have to be strong for everyone and it exhaust me. The only thing that keeps me from falling apart is trying to stay busy. Even if you have to force your self to clean your home 20 times a day. just to stay busy. Best of Luck to you !