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I'm Here

For a while I have been feeling like I'm falling apart, and slowly sinking into that hole that a lot of us are familiar with. However lately I have been finding that talking to other people or listening keeps me grounded and somewhat sane, even when not face to face.
So if anyone needs to talk, just poke me, don't be afraid to aproach me, I'm very easy going.
eskieloner eskieloner 22-25, F 19 Responses Nov 14, 2011

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you can talk to me anytime
i am here for u

Hi I have been trying to find someone to talk to........I have a lot of anxiety and I guess am depressed.

I need someone to talk too desperately!! I have no one as well, and im getting so depressed

feel free me :)

i am here to talk too..

Do it! talk it up! I don't judge.

I just need to speak to someone, anyone. I just need to let it out.

I am falling apart i am a single mom and broke up with someone I am still in love with! I just want to crawl under a rock. I just want to forget what feel, forget that future I have in my head with him. Everyone around believe i can handle everything i can i am hurt beyond any posible to explain it. I am so lonely,

hit me up here Thanks!

if you still need to talk,am a new member.

I am now completely in that hole. I desperately need a genuine friend.

all i want to do is cry, everything in my life is a mess. sometimes i just feel like it would be better if i were not here

don't say that feel free to message me :)

No one I know ...Knows about he dark hole you spoke of.....maybe you know how I FEEL

I need to talk. Please message me

Hi. Take a look at my profile, and see what you like or don't like. Find out what we can argue about.<br />
If you look at my recent activity, you will see that I have been battling the foul mouthed, illiterate "liberals." ( I am a libertarian, with a small "l" )<br />
America isn't as bad as most people ( even our OWN people! ) say.<br />
I can be funny, but, I do tell the immoral where to go!<br />
Drop me a line if you want to.

I have very much enjoyed making friends on EP. Different points of view are so valuable. I will read more of your stories.

I am the same way I love talking to people.I don't have many problems but I am a good listener,I can give good advice when it is wanted and I just enjoy cheering people up when they feel down.

You just need to nourish wisdom flame in your heart , so all the dark feelings may vanish:)

You sure are a good person (: Your need of service towards humanity is greatly appreciated and we need more people like you! You go eskie!!!

It is good that you feel comfortable saying this. And that you recognize the need for contact.