I Just Want Someone To Listen And Not Judge Me....

I have no idea how to think. I feel like there is a traffic jam in my head and no where to put my thoughts. I always think people are going to judge me for what i say, so i never say them. I saw a psychologist and she didn't make me feel safe to say what i really needed. I just really want someone who can help me get over a break heart, depression, and 14 years of bullying for having a reading disability.

Makpart Makpart
5 Responses Dec 5, 2011

Thank you ...I dont knwo how to start off?

im here

im here

Thank you. This is really true, i have realized alot of my problems its just some come up more than most. I have opened myself up to only one person in my life and i got rejected. I'm scared it will happen again. So i want someone that doesnt know me that will listen and help.

I would love to listen....I get we as people are so very afraid of opening up and telling the truth about who we really are and our experiences. No likes to be judged or rejected!!!! I also believe that healing starts with facing the yucky in our lives. It takes one baby step at a time of letting go and being real with another. I have awesome listening skills.