Help Getting Over A Crush

i'm a junior student in college, it has been two years that i had that feeling about a girl which was my best friend, i had this feeling to her and i tried to deny it but holding this feeling for 2 years made me can't stand it, so a week ago, i have told her that i have a feeling for her but i already know her response which was i'm to her like a brother/best friend, nothing more, nothing less..

i have known that response even before i tend to tell her, but i just thought it would be the right thing..

it has been a week now, i can't concentrate at my studies and i'm feeling that i'm not normal..

the thing is that i have to see her everyday and we no longer talk with each other although we have because the upcoming weeks, we will have to work in at least 3 projects together with other team members, i have tried to avoid her after "i have told her" but i see facebook posts that uneasily read.

although i have talked to her after that normally, i feel that she's talking like a bit "professional way", "formal", what shall i do??

it's really hurting that when you have been talking to someone for at least 2 years everyday and now you 've just stop doing that..

i don't know why i'm writing this? but i want help..

i know the steps of getting over her but i have no colleauge friends that i can hang with.. somehow i feel that she was the only friend too..!
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2011

There is always other friends that you can find, this may feel like the worst moment in your life, but its not that bad you can make it through this there will people that love and care about you, when you need people theres always people here i know im always willing to listen. Life is a journey and there will be good and bad times through it but you have to keep moveing keep liveing, life is full of joy. you will see this when you walk through this. Women are hard to understand but there is someone for everyone out there i have gone through a similar thing and im telling you there will be another girl in your life that you will find and she will feel the same way. message me any time you want to talk to me alright. don't give up cause i won't give up on you.

I think it's normal that she's changed her behaviour. She's confused and it's a really uncomfortable situation for her. I think there are two ways: 1- you try be around her as little as possible, and your friendship comes to an end; 2- try to pretend that nothing has happend, just be her friend as you've been all this time. Were you close? If yes, you two will manage this. You can talk to her, and if your friendship means anything to her she'll try to fix it!<br />
I'm voting for the second variant if you still can bear frienship with a girl you love.