Anyone Want To Chat?

Anyone want to chat? Add me as a friend? I am lonely here right now and could use some new friends.... I am online now at
jennyluvsf jennyluvsf
26-30, F
4 Responses Jan 1, 2012

hi i came on here to make friends as i am a bit low on the ground would love to be ur friend i love to shop and now that i have got a tonne of money for xmas i needs to spend it what u get for xmas:)

I'll chat with you, but i'm quite a blunt guy sometimes :P

happy new year, Jenny. I'm ready to chat.

Hi Jenny, What's on your mind? Happy new Year! I am surfing ExProj to avoid doing my homework for an on-line course I am taking. What are you doing, or not doing, today? It is rainy and windy here today. sammi