A New Feeling .....

hey guys , I'm a middle eastern girl and i'm 17 , it's a bout 3 months that i've moved to san fransisco , everything is new for me .... i went to school 2 months later than the other student ... at first it was pretty hard to get use to everything new , such as new culture , people , students .....
in one of my classes , there is a handsome guy .. he's one year older than me , ( he's a senior) , he is really different from the other boys , he behaves different , he wears different , after 2 weeks i found that i like him , i start to ask around what is his name , i look around but i didn't see him with any girls , i guess he doesn't have a girlfriend , now after 2 months i feel that i love him . i'm not such a talkactive person and actually cuz i'm just moved in i don't have a confidence to talk .. i'm a little shy soo these are my problems that i can't find a situation to go and talk with him . he makes me confused with he's acting , some times he is looking at me and when i catch him he turns his face . when i walk in a hallway if he see me he just look at me and follow me , i can feel it , but once when i was walking , he was walking too but he's way crosses my way , so when he see my , he starts too walk fast and don't look at me . i added him on facebook , but he didn't accept that , why he doesn't accept my friend request ? if he doesn't know me he can ignore me ... but he didn't do any thing , ive send him a merry christmas msg , and he didn't reply , maybe he hasn't check his facebook yet ........ some times when i'm talking to the teacher and there is no body else in the classroom he stands and listen to the conversation between the teacher and i .... why ?! i have a strange and weird feeling .... sometimes i think that maybe he prefers a blond girl , cuz he is white with blue eyes with verry light brown hair , but i have dark brown eyes with dark brown hair ...... idk i have no idea ..... i'm really confused
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Just go up to him hun? I know what it's like to fear rejection trust me. I have had my heart broke and it kills. Luckily you heal over time and finally find the right person one day. Ask him during class or in the hallway about a school project for help or something? Maybe even pull the "clumbsy girl" thing and walk by him whil he's alone and get one of your friends to look like their joking and let them push you into him (it'll look like your playful and fun) when you bumb into appologize and laugh it off but don't speed away from him, hopefully it'll strike a conversation.

Hey Guys ... Plz leave comment .... i need your comments and ideas :D

Bit of a puzzle this, if I was you I would just try ignoring him,if he could not reply to you on facebook,then he is not worth the bother of pursuing,even if he was shy,a reply to your best wishes should not be ignored,you will find someone else.good luck with this

hey thanx my friend .... but i have a question ... why do you think he haven't accepted my fb friend request ? you know i'm confused by his acting , i mean if he doesn't like me , why he doesn't stop looking at me in a hall way or following me with his eyes ? or listening to my conversation with teacher .... if he hates me or there is no sense here why he didn't ignore my fb friend request ..... u know what i mean ? he doesn't add me and ignoring me ....no reaction ...

he's scared... he the type who doesn check facebook... i'm the same. next time you see him walk straight up and say hi. your new, use it as an excuse. say he seems cool and ask if the two of you can be friends :)

he's scared of what ? i have tried that , some times i go to that class that i have with him sooner as i can , if he was in the class he is talkin with the teacher ... and when the bell rings he leaves the class ..... i really didn;t the situation to go to talk with him .... i'll try again this week ... but any way thanks for your help

look, find out his number and text him asking him about some homework, say you didn't understand or not what it was or something like that. If he doesn't reply simply ask him if he likes you or not. If he still doesn't reply he aint worth it sweetie. Plus you don't get embrassed :I

Thsnx for ur advice , i'll try to find his number ......

good luck :)

u mean i am such a stupid or he is stupid?