Stop Bragging And Grow Up Already!!

I understand why people brag, they havent got a fulfilled life so they need to brag about it to others to make themselves feel good and this could be because they havent got much in their lives to feel good about. Another reason people brag is because they love to put people down, why? i dont know, these kind of people are just rotten.

I have someone like this in my life, unfortunately i cant just kick this person out of my life, sister in-law. She loves to brag about anything she can and to be honest there isnt much she can brag about but i still find it annoying and very pathetic and she even admits she loves to brag.

She once said to me, if i won the lottery, i'd buy the newest Mercedes car, park outside your house, lye on the car and well show off, bear in mind this girl cant drive let alone have a car, where myself i do drive and have a car and when i did get a car the last thing i did was brag, i just let her know when i found my first car, excitement overload, it was a piece of junk but it was my first car lol
I've been ill recently just a cold but blocked up nose, chesty cough and sore throat feels like crap, she rang me up and asked if i wanted to go to bingo, obviously it was a no coz im still ill and not feeling great so i check my emails this morning to see she's messages me

"hahahaha cant beleive u didnt come ya nana and i won £317 ahahahahaha"

Is it just me or is this pathetic? i'm ill, what is she trying to accomplish here? All she's done is made me think once again, why do i have someone like this in my life? I never do anything like that, the only time i ever brag is when i get something really cheap! im a bargain hunter, i'd rather show someone something really cheap than expensive then i'll tell them where they can get it.

It really gets one my nerves, she gets on my nerves coz the truth is i have plenty that i could brag about to her, things that i have that she doesnt and i could make her feel like crap but i would never dream of doing that, I know the people and things i have in my life are important and i'm very grateful for them and i would never dream of putting someone down if they didnt have the things i have. I respect people enough not to do that, putting people down is not something i see as a good thing and i hate people who think its brilliant!

What is wrong with these kind of people?
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2012

Your sister is jealous of you. As you said, you have plenty you could brag about. Believe me, your sister knows this and she feels insecure. My advice to you is to be patient with her. Once her own life takes off her need to try and put you down will lessen. She is still your sister and that is a very special bond.

They probably have low self awareness. Hey, I bet you felt better after you wrote this. Hope so.

i feel a little better.