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Why am I feeling the same damn thing again. I feel alone and lonely. She left me with nothing even reasons why. I thought I moved on but what the hell. Everytime I saw her happy makes me weak, not because I don't want her to be happy, but it makes me feel vapid and I don't know. Am I so freaking dufus for loving her still despite what she did?
iammighty iammighty
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 6, 2012

Thanks so much. This really helped a lot. Someone to talk to makes me feel better. Somehow I know it already, but hearing it from someone makes me move. Thanks!!

No problem you know i'm here for you :)

Yeah and that makes me feel better. I'm so thankful that you're there for me. :)

I know how your feeling,and it doesn't make you a dufus it makes you human, you don't want to be lonely and by yourself and you just want the love you once had, the happiness you once had,but you can do better than someone that don't love you the way you love her your a sweet guy and you're move on eventually it will be hard but i know you can make it :)<br />
and you know you can message me whenever you need anything :)