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I Would Like To Have Someone To Talk To...

It seems that I dont have anyone to really turn to. I would like to have someone to talk to that would listen. I just need to vent. Of course I would do the same and listen to someone if they needed someone to talk to.
Bitterrsweet Bitterrsweet 18-21, F 102 Responses Feb 21, 2012

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I'm here to talk to

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Im here if you need me I will listen and help the best of my ablity with no judgement I dont mind wat it is I just want to make ur life better and make yoj happy

In my experience, talking and listening comes from good conversation. It's something that comes from being relaxed and enjoying the company of another. I hope you find it :)

okay tell me what troubles you i know we have our differences but im sure even an alien who is troubled of course can understand part of your troubles


Hi there my name is SACH,
cool and fun,
studying actor from the UK,
please befriend me,
I entertain with intent,
feel free to view my profile and stories beforehand
to get a fun feel

Feel free to message me anytime. I am almost always available. ^_^

I'll take the time to talk, you'll have to add me though, OK?

If u need someone to talk to feel free to pm me. Always looking for eps to talk to

I'm all ears


I too need to vent sometimes; and yes it does help, but just remember to read what you vent and you may find your own answers to your needs.

i be friend

Hi there, Im a 50 year old with some life experience. Id be happy to listen to you.

I would love to talk to you, but you have a following already :P. Too bad I listen better than all of them combined!

Feel free to message me

Message me whenever you want

We could b good friends I can always use someone to talk to.let me know we can exchange some things that are bothering us

i be friend

Any timw you need someone to talk to go right ahead :)

same here..

I would be honored to talk with you

Quite often I feel the same. Yeah I have friends and stuff, but to talk to them all I get is the joked at. I'm in a position where I just won't say anything anymore. My goes Off on one coz she's not listening to my fears and thought. lately I just come home from work and sit down, answer a couple of questions and that's the end of that. If you need a pair of ears or just a shoulder to lean On, then use me, as long as you can return the favour I'm sure it'll be fun and forefilling.

i want to talk with you now ok

Anytime ! Just send me a msg !

i d love to do that but cant add u what a pity..

I am still here for you. Message me.

Hey there I know I post some pretty weird stuff but the truth is. This the only place I can. I have read your stories and I think you seem to feel what most of us feel at some time or another. Case in point. I notice that you seem not to be uncomfortable with your body. DON'T WORRY!!! It's a useless waste of time. I have been there. Give it up you will feel better

I am a good listener and have big shoulders if u need one I am on yahoo messenger jacobstommy33.

ill listen if you do, message me

To all that feel alone and want to chat, please message me. Hug hug