I Would Like To Have Someone To Talk To...

It seems that I dont have anyone to really turn to. I would like to have someone to talk to that would listen. I just need to vent. Of course I would do the same and listen to someone if they needed someone to talk to.
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you can talk to me. I will listen

I'm here to talk to

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Im here if you need me I will listen and help the best of my ablity with no judgement I dont mind wat it is I just want to make ur life better and make yoj happy

In my experience, talking and listening comes from good conversation. It's something that comes from being relaxed and enjoying the company of another. I hope you find it :)

okay tell me what troubles you i know we have our differences but im sure even an alien who is troubled of course can understand part of your troubles


Hi there my name is SACH,
cool and fun,
studying actor from the UK,
please befriend me,
I entertain with intent,
feel free to view my profile and stories beforehand
to get a fun feel

Feel free to message me anytime. I am almost always available. ^_^

I'll take the time to talk, you'll have to add me though, OK?

I'm all ears


I too need to vent sometimes; and yes it does help, but just remember to read what you vent and you may find your own answers to your needs.

i be friend

Hi there, Im a 50 year old with some life experience. Id be happy to listen to you.

I would love to talk to you, but you have a following already :P. Too bad I listen better than all of them combined!

Feel free to message me

Message me whenever you want

Any timw you need someone to talk to go right ahead :)

same here..

I would be honored to talk with you

Quite often I feel the same. Yeah I have friends and stuff, but to talk to them all I get is the joked at. I'm in a position where I just won't say anything anymore. My goes Off on one coz she's not listening to my fears and thought. lately I just come home from work and sit down, answer a couple of questions and that's the end of that. If you need a pair of ears or just a shoulder to lean On, then use me, as long as you can return the favour I'm sure it'll be fun and forefilling.

i want to talk with you now ok

Anytime ! Just send me a msg !

i d love to do that but cant add u what a pity..

I am still here for you. Message me.

Hey there I know I post some pretty weird stuff but the truth is. This the only place I can. I have read your stories and I think you seem to feel what most of us feel at some time or another. Case in point. I notice that you seem not to be uncomfortable with your body. DON'T WORRY!!! It's a useless waste of time. I have been there. Give it up you will feel better

I am a good listener and have big shoulders if u need one I am on yahoo messenger jacobstommy33.

To all that feel alone and want to chat, please message me. Hug hug

i now the feeling just to talk and listen is a wonder full thing

Hi, my name is Terri, I am all ears.

I am a good listener. :)

hello bittersweet my nameis laurie i am here if you need a ear

So what's up? It seems I'm late to the party, but I'll listen.


so what is up...what is ur story

I'm not sure

ok so if your not sure, then share with me what is in ur mind
what are u thinking

i feel sad reading your experience but dont feel like your alone we are all here same in some case or the other. you are the brave one to admit it
cheers for u
but anytime, if you need to i can help

Thank you so much !

I'm here for you

Thank you

no problem! just send a message whenever you need me :)

I'm listening.

Thanks !

im a little late but anyone who needs an ear im no plastic surgeon but ill take time to listen
make life work for you take control
take care i hope you find one of these fine people to help and understand you :)

Thank you !

If you need to talk, please feel free to message me.

Thank you !

I think everyone wants to talk to you. I could listen, hopefully you'll listen to me.

For sure

hi i just started but, if you need a friend and want to talk im here to listen to you => and i would like someone to talk to also

Awesome send me a message ill listen to you

what do you wanna talk about

every day we pass by thousands of people but never talk... never stop by just to say hello. I though society was meant to be make this world a better place to live in, but then the rules of the same society, makes us strangers to one another.. y
cant I just be human .. just stop by a stranger and say hello.. y cant i jst go to a restaurant and eat my dinner alone.. y cant you and I be friends. Why dont we all have relatives in London........

I'm not sure

there are loads of people willing to listen! I know I'm definitely here for people if they need me :)

Thank you !

I am 61 years old. My life has been a rollercoaster ride. At time i had many to vent or talk with. At times I had no one. Just keep the sweet and someone will be there some day. Good luck

Thank you

I'm here.. feel free to vent


I am willing to listen and respond to your talking.

Thank you

I'm feeling the same way. My parents are divorced and I live with my dad. I can talk to my mom over the phone but it doesn't seem as real as talking to her face to face. And I never get to see her. I have friends but the few close friends I have I just learned that i cannot trust them. And I don't have anybody else to turn to. I know I dont even know you people but I just want someone who will listen to me and give me advise. i have made mistakes in my life and I know it. I want to be able to let them go and move on. I really just need to talk.

I'm here to helo

I'm here too

hi, i need to vent to... let's talk. e-mail me if u like xD

Oh ok

Message me if you wanna talk <3

Thank you

Luckily I have one very good friend to share most of my stories, feelings and thoughts. Sometimes he is not available because he is in a very strict relationship :) Then my family comes in and always helps. Family is most important and the communication withing the family. I also found somwhere a website I use to "vent" my self out completely. www.friendneed.com. It was always hard for me to open for others because people rarely listen, everyone is more talker than a listener. People tend to talk about themselves and I find it difficult to get in there and start. I guess I'm a more listener than a talker too.

Nobody is left alone. I am there i am also feeling lonely so lets talk....

There's always someone to turn to.
Like me! :D

I wanna help u love ...get out of this hole

Hey I'm Tina i'm kinda new to this site, but learning fast! About 3 weeks... I like it a lot. i choose my friend wisely on here.. cuz i want to make sure the people i talk to really give a ****, I love talkin/meeting new people. Inbox me if you would like ;)

For sure ! I'll add you !

I really need someone to talk too. Message me.

Message me

Feel free to send me an email on here I'm always up for listening and giving advise.

Thank u same with u!

i will love too


you can talk to me

Thank u!

If you need anyone to talk to I am here:)!


Sinking in the same boat... My ears are open.

I'm here too

hi bitterrsweet

Hi Bittersweet!! I totally understand how you feel...I typed in the same thing into google....looking for someone to talk to myself....

If ever you need someone to talk too...regardless of the time Let me know, and I will forward you my email address.....

I recently had some bad news about my father, who lives in the UK and I live in Canada.....I feel my husband is missing the whole point of the situation and doesn't want to talk about how it is effecting me......The people I regarded as my close friends have all abandoned me at one point or another and I find it hard to trust people anymore.....My husband is all I have - if he doesnt want to talk who else is there?

It is tough but if we could be there for each other then I am sure we can get through it!!

I'll be here for you! Message me

If you need to vent. I am always up and around to provide my insight

thank you

looks like you have a lot of people your able to talk to on here, but im all ears if you need to talk to and i can give you some advice ! :)

thank you same here !

hello i need someone to talk too

aw message me

<3 Hi U R a nice person to talk to. :)

thank u

So whats going on with you

for now just school

Any time I need someone to vent to as well

alright u can message me whenever

Think you are going to find enough people in here to vent to. :)

yes i do too thanks

اريدالتحدث اليك

Please feel free to contact me with the information provided. I care about you!!1<br />

thanks i appreciate it !

I feel the same way. Get ahold of me anytime :)

thank u same with u !

you can either email me at mokshaone@comcast.net or call me at 435-881-5618 if you want.<br />

alright thank u !

You sound like a wonderful and interesting person. I love to talk to you. if you'd like to talk to me pls add me. If not - that's fine - I'll still enjoy reading your posts. xxx

thanks! send me a message !

Life is sometimes frustrating. its easier to vent with someone you dont know how to be honest you dont care too much about their opion of you. <br />
<br />
Lets talk. :)

Omg the is so true

thank u! message me !

I could help you try me any time you want

thank u!

I know how it feels whe no person listens.

I am here to listen.

thanks ! im here too

I feel that way sometimes. I don't get to see my friends much & I don't go out many places, so I feel lonely in the world a lot.

you can talk to me

Always here if you need someone to vent to, never hesitate to message me :)

thank you !

Everyone needs an ear to bend every now and again. :)

yes very true !

Hi im unearthing


Were just here.. one call away if you need someone to talk to..

i appreciate it. thanks

do you still go online here? if so, add me,, i need a Nice friend ,, not someone who will stress me or try to put me down for no reason,, i hope i hear from u :)

yeah i still go online, alrighty

Id always find time to listen to you :)

thats so sweet. thank u

You know i am always available and there to listen and support you. Vent as much as you need to. You will be very welcome.<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />
<br />

thank you! you are great! :)

If you ever want someone to talk to or just listen to you, just email me.

I will! :)

Send me your chat id and we can chat sometime.


i could use the same sort of friend too to be honest. i know you have so many offers & hands reached out to you, so i completely understand if you don't get back to me...<br />
if you don't, don't feel bad & just view it as me making a statement & venting myself :)