Pathetically True.

It's my birthday today, and I'm having fun, party with friends and I had dinner date with my parents and siblings yesterday. It was fun, I'm happy actually, but somehow it's incomplete. I'm trying not to think of the negativities but it just happened. After awhile, I still wait for her to greet me for my birthday, I'm not asking for her to talk to me in person, but I just hope she could greet me thru Facebook or SMS. I'm hurting and it's pathetically true. Why can't I forget? What's wrong with me? I always thought that I moved on and I already let go but I don't know why I'm like this. Hope I could talk to someone. Just to release my feelings. Having a hard time right now. Hoping also I could bring back the good vibes since it's my birthday today.
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Definitely a member of the pathetic club myself. I wait every Christmas and birthday for "that" message and it almost always comes. It does brighten my day more than anything else but it also reminds me of a time that was and a time that isn't. This has been going on for 12 years now and truly all those messages ever did was give me a false sense of hope that one day things will be the way i think they were meant to be. No one can tell you to forget it and move on its up to you to decide how long you want to put yourself through this and how much of your life and happiness you're willing to give up while waiting. I truly hope you're not still waiting in 12 years. I wish you all the best.

I hope not. Im sure I won't. It's really hat to be in this situation, I'll do everything to get over this past. I'm just torturing myself, and there's no other way but to move on and let go. She's happy now I guess, and I should be too.

Awww, Hun, Happy birthday. :) Should do something fun!<br />
I know how it feels, my birthday was about 2 weeks ago and.. yeah.

I actually had fun thou. Had party with friends, but it happened. However, I enjoyed my day, it was fun indeed, minus the "me missing her" lol. Thank you for the greeting. Belated happy birthday to you too. Hope you had fun.

Lol my birthday is in four months so ehh, no worries. :) glad you had fun on your birthday

Is it, but you gotta keep your head up. :) people are waiting to see you fall so prove 'em wrong.

Guess she's part of those people. Yeah, I'll prove them wrong. I know I don't deserve to be like this, I actually never thought I would be like this, but after she left me, I even felt bad for myself. But yeah, I should keep my head up and beat the he'll outta them! I'll beat the odds!

Exactly :) we all have our share of heartaches. But you seem great :)

I wish I am. I am trying to be great. Seems you are too. :)

Aww :( I'm sorry :( happy birthday though :)

Thank you. Life's sometimes on rough. :)