Its Been A Couple Of Weeks

its been a couple of weeks since i wrote on google search " i need someone to talk to" and google wisely suggested me to visit EP(good job google), the problem is that i have not really talked to no one yet compared to the plenty of eavesdropping i done between stories, confessions and Q&A. thats partially because i haven't got around the mechanics of the website but mostly because i wouldn't know what to say or better how to say it and ultimately if that would help me in real life.
what i think i will do is to just write it, ill write whatever happens, bothers me, excites me here, more for my self than anything kind of like talking to my self at the mirror hoping than one day the reflection talks if you ever reflect your self in my stories let me know.
giochima giochima
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2012

Wow yeah, all you've done is Q&A. If you share more experiences and tell more stories, people will have more interest in you.<br />
Right now I wouldn't mind having a conversation, but I have no idea who you are or what interests you. It's harder to start a conversation without a topic.<br />
I suppose I could make small talk, but I hardly think that's what you came here for.<br />
If you do want to talk though, just PM me.