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Status Quo: Hopeless!!

Been doing the same damn thing for almost a year now. Nothing new, nothing special, nothing interesting. I finished my college degree but still, I'm jobless. I don't know what else to do, things at first working out just fine because I have my small business, but honestly, as time goes by, I felt being hopeless and useless. I majored communications back in college, I even excell just so you know. Now, i don't know if I still does. Things started to fall into pieces, starting to lose my self esteem, and I'm losing hope. Is this what fate wants me to be? Seeing my friends working in a corporate world and I myself stuck in this bum life forever means something. It's crazy I know that I'm posting this, but I don't want people around me see me in this situation. Sometimes, I wanted to run, I wanted to hide from reality, I wanted leave, but where will I go? Don't know where to go. Things are difficult to understand right now. I just wanted some people that I could possibly open talk to. Someone who'll understand and who will listens. I'm a degree holder, with no life at all!!
iammighty iammighty 22-25, M 3 Responses Apr 3, 2012

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I'm glad you vented out to us, but this is really sad. I can relate your situation in many ways...someone told me that I should wait for my time to come, and good things will happen. I believe you should do the same, either that or try and find out your talents, what you like to do and what you're good at and incorporate those into something that you might find establishing one day. You have to be strong when times are hard, life will try and beat you down but you have to fight back and find the strength to persevere only then can you find the right future for yourself. :)

Yeahi know. I'll try my best to do so

I understand... nowadays people don't get jobs becoz the competition is tough.. only the teacher's pets in my college would get more marks than really intelligent ones.. LOL<br />
anyways... If u need someone to talk to then i'm here.. i always reply to all msgs and a good listener and could be ur legal adviser... coz right now i'm studying for something similar to that... :D

Wow that's pretty cool. Past few weeks/days had been so tough on me that I really need to express it but yeah, I'm in need of a friend. Thank you

haha.. its ok.. keep msging me whenever u wanna say something and i would reply for sure.. : )

I read your comments with empathy. I want to suggest that basic things need to be handled first i.e. proper diet, exercise and medical examine to rule out physical causes. Secondly, make sure you are with people for the purpose of friendship and having healthy fun. Thirdly, realize you are not alone on this issue..many people are under-employed. <br />
Lastly, consult a career professional that can help guide you into the corporate world. Realize you may have to leave your familiar surroundings and move to another state. Idaho is booming because oil discoveries.

Everything you've said was right. I even became lazy working out and do some running. My friends are now working and I can say that they are stable, sometimes I wanted to hide from them but I sort of like wanted to release some stress. Hence, I got drowned and feel bad for myself and ended up asking, why these things happen to me, jealousy's all over the place. I always give out advices, as much as possible I wanted to help people from their sufferings, however, I can't do that for myself, it's ironic. I wanted to be successful, I never been mediocre with my past experiences, I always give my best shot to almost everything, but at the end of the day, right now, do I really deserve to be like this?

Too bad, I'm Asian, I'm not from the states, it's really hard to get a job from our country. It's depressingly true. :( thank you for the advices. :)