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Things I Would Do With My Bestie..

As i've already stated in my profile i'm searching for a best friend who can be with me at all times and would share my happiness with me and if he wants can share sorrows too..
I have already prepared a list i'm gonna do with him.. LOL.. feels like the time when i used to make a list of all gifts i want from Santa.. :p

1> Go hiking and click lots of photos of nature and each other for facebook dps..
2> Draw stuff and make portraits of each other and our girlfriends.. lol..
3> Turn on the karaoke machine and make songs and post them on facebook to get hundreds of likes..
4> Build our bodies and gain more muscles and i wanna be his rival in this.. :p
5> Share our life stories and secrets.. i'm a kind of guy who's good at keeping secrets and promises..
6> Ride throughout the city on our motorbikes with our girlfriends sitting behind us..
7> Make a rock band and sing on stages.. might sound crazy but what's the deal?.. LOL
8> Go to beach and pretend to do nothing while we're searching for chicks in bikini without our girlfriends knowing anything.. LOL
9> Do each other's work(house/ office/ studies) so can get lots of free time to enjoy..
10> Write a lot of comments on his facebook pics, status, etc. and hit like on them without actually reading them.. lol..

remaining points i'm gonna ask him what he wants to do.. LOL.. i can't stop laughing, but i think u enjoyed reading it.. :p
Mickey9871 Mickey9871 22-25, M 1 Response Apr 5, 2012

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Awesome -- good luck with that.

thanks.. :)