I Dont Feel Myself

im 19 years old i have a son that i love so much but sometimes i dont feel like i do much my boyfriend gets a job n then loses it n back n forth we go sometimes i jus wanna leave i have no family close by me i have no friends i feel like i have lots on my chest that i need to take out but how i cry at time im very moody no im not prego i just sometimes wish i could leave you know
ohbaby26 ohbaby26
2 Responses Apr 23, 2012

Pretty tough Situation . i think you deserve to be happy like any mother so you could make your son feel safe & also growing in a positive environment . Try to talk to your boyfriend about how you feel & if he cares enough he will do whatever it takes to make it better .<br />
Good luck

Well;for your sons' sake--if and when you leave i DO hope you'll take him with you---remember the old saying "If you play--you must pay"!