No Where Wishing To Be Anywherebut Here

I am a male of 34 years of age me and my wife heven;t been intamate for about 6 years. Theres always something wrong. It started with sex hurting her and then her boobs we painful and now it headaches everyday all day. Doctors cant find anything wrong with her. When I bring up trying to orgnize a vacation for the next year she says she didn`t do that when she was young why should we. She has put savings away through every paycheck and thats great but I don;t have that option and when I try I am hiding the money from her and I am taking money from my boy. She no longer wants her picture taken with me or my son this is the newest thing that has started. I haave littlee to no friends left due to her not wanting to go out .
londonman77 londonman77
Apr 29, 2012