I Just Need A Friend

When I was growing up, my single mom was depressed most of the time and my brother and I pretty much raised ourselves. About 4 years ago, she married a guy that my brother and I don't like and treats her terribly. He and my brother didn't get along at all, so my mom made my brother move cross country to live with our aunt. I had a pretty good group of friends in high school, especially my best friend and my boyfriend. Last May, my best friend and I graduated high school. I went to an instate college that my boyfriend attends, and she went cross country. Now, we barely talk and I can't stand who she's become. She changed so much over the past year and I hate it. Meanwhile, I didn't get along with my roommate, didn't make any new friends, and spent 99% of my time with my boyfriend. We're fantastic, extremely close, and have a great relationship. But yesterday was the last day of the semester, and while I returned to our home town, he stayed up there to live with his mom. His original intent was to get a job, but after none of them worked out, he will be spending the summer hanging around the house, doing nothing. I am having a hard time understanding why he didn't come back here when he could sit around doing nothing, but with me. It's very hard for me to live in this house with my mom, her husband, and their kids. It's like I don't even exist. All day, I've been sitting around crying because I'm lonely and somewhat mad that my boyfriend didn't come home. I know that we'll be fine, but I don't know what I'm going to do without him, my only friend, around. Any advice?
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may be u should call him and ask him , may be he is thinking of anything, and why u cant just go for him , may be he will like that

You know I've been through something very similar in the past and what I learned from my experience was that the most important thing in the world is to be self reliant. You seem like a strong young lady who is going through the lonely phase right now as your bf is away and well your best friend has changed somewhat so please don't feel that way. Make something out of this time. Learn a new instrument. Read books. Spend some time with yourself. Discover yourself. Be self reliant! And I am sure you'll do great. Take Care!