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Ever feel like you are the only oddball in a world of outgoing individuals? That's how I feel a lot of the time. I want to join in and have fun but there is just something that eats away at me and makes me feel so alone. I try to fight it daily but it always ends up getting me in the end. I take anti-depressants but I am not sure they help. Also could be that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 years ago and sometimes I get tired of fighting the pain. It wears me out at times. No one seems to understand or even care.
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Hello, I know how you feel, like its hard to fit in and you feel left out even when your with a group. I tak anti depre. as well and they dont seem to help . I am also so wound up all the time with no way of relaxing.
I was in a auto accident in 05. They gave me ten years to live back then . I deal with pain all day every day . I wake up every 15-30 mins hurtn and have to change posisions.My family dosent want to understand whats going on and they dont like seeing me hurt so they stay away . Same with my friends. My kids worrie and I know that it affects them but like all people they stay away as much as posible so they dont have to deal with the fact that thier dad can pass away any time.
The prescription drugs work but then I am a zombie all day . The prescriptions i have to take also hurt my liver and cause health issues and concerns. I dont drink or smoke due to my issues. A month ago my brother and sister got me to get a cnbs card . I went down and got some from the despencery . The ones you eat. I was able to quit taking pain meds except when it get extream.
It also helps with my depresion. I was suprised ! I dont like getting drunk do drugs, any of it . This is so much better than the prescriptions i have. I can control amount and have it down to how long it will last and I am still able to be up and interact with my kids and grandson .
If you need to chat or unload I am here to listen .
have a Great day !

Thank you so much. I just need someone to talk to sometimes.

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I am the same in a lot of ways I am not on meds but that is because i never really went to a doc to ask for them. I am here to talk if you want.