I Don't Know...

I don't know why I'm posting anything on a website, but I really need to vent 'cause I'm torn up inside. 

Alright, been in a relationship for three years with this girl, fell in love blah blah blah. Ever since I got back from the Military she has been standoffish and cold towards me. There's no intimacy, let alone sex in our relationship. I've been trying my damnedest to fix our relationship. She'll go along with it for a bit then she'll go right back to the way she has been. So, that's the back story now the rest. Last night my friends and I were having a drink with my closest friend who's shipping out today. We weren't drinking a lot, I personally had three beers. One of the people there was a girl we all grew up with and I always thought she was attractive. As we were all talking I accidentally brushed my hand along her calf as I was reaching for my beer that was on the ground between us by her foot. Later in the night she needed a pack of cigarettes but didn't want to go alone so I offered to go seeing a chance to apologize for me touching her leg. We had a talk and the short story is she didn't mind and that I deserve better then what my girlfriend was giving me. I then rested my hand on her leg the rest of the car ride and for a little while when we got back. When we were alone she said I was going to regret doing that tomorrow. Now I'm not a cheater I never kissed her or anything else, I just had my hand on her knee. Now that it's tomorrow I'm not sure if I do regret it or if I'm realizing how unhappy I really am in my relationship. I love my girlfriend and don't want to hurt her but I'm not happy. I feel like I'd have wasted three years of my life if I broke up with her and it'd break my heart to not have her in my life. I just don't know....
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1 Response May 5, 2012

To me it sounds like you ar very unhappy in the relationship you are in. You should talk to you girlfriend about what you are feeling about her. If she does not take you seriously, then tell her how serous you are. Even if you to are having a difficult time together she deservs to know what is going on with you before you go and do something really stupid. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the comment it really does help. I don't want to do anything stupid, it'd be against everything I stand for. Ive tried talking to her in the past but to no avail; guess I'll give it another go. Thank you very much.