My Husband Treats His Friends Better Than Me

sounds silly but when one of  his friends need something he is all over it getting it done for me. He always wants to be the hero, But me his wife, oh no way he will have every excuse in the world no to help me .
samiam1496 samiam1496
2 Responses May 5, 2012

I really dont know how i can help. My husband is the same. He never wants to spend money on me or buy me anything but when we have been away on holiday he always spends time looking for gifts for them (his so called mates) burt never have they got him anything. His always making me cook for his friends, but his friends never invite him over to eat. I am getting fed up of this and its really starting to upset me. He doesnt want to go out for meals as it costs, but he recently got a promoation at work and decided to take his friends out as a treat and not his wife. This left me really sad we have a son and want the best for him but i just dont understand his attitude

I feel that too. It's either he has excuses or I HAVE to do something in return. It's always "what do I get" with him. He also throws a fit of sorts. It's kind of nice to hear that someone has that, I wasn't expecting it, though I'm sorry you have to deal with it to.