We met in high school when I was only 16. He was my first boyfriend, and I guess I fell in love with him.
It's been almost 5 years now, and more than 1 year since we broke up, but I am still so obsessed with him.
We broke up because he cheated on me, and I forgave him, but couldn't deal with it emotionally.
We still hang out and do things that bf/gf does, but he doesn't want to get back together and avoids the question when I ask if he still wants me back.
I am sure that he loves me, but just not sure if it is worth waiting for him.
Recently, he has stopped replying to my messages and he hangs out with other girls and make out too.
I know it sounds stupid and silly and OBVIOUS that I should just end this non-relationship with him, but I am still hoping that all that we had and the love I still have for him will make him change his mind.

Sometimes, I try to let go of this relationship, but just one message from him makes me feel like he is worth it again.
what should i do? I've been crying for days recently and it has already been a year. I don't want to continue like this.

Should I wait for him or cut off all contact with him?
How do i make him want me again?
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1 Response May 6, 2012

From the sound of things, I think it's time for you to move on and find someone else. And I know that he was an important person and I know this is a tough decision, but you can't keep hurting yourself by waiting for him to change his mind. It's not worth it. And as for breaking off all contact with him, I don't think that's quite necessary, but I do believe you should branch out and away from him and meet some new people.