Roommates Are *****

Wow so if u read my previous story about my friend moving in with me, well it just got worse today... So there is three of us. ill refer me as me or I and my roommate as roommate that is a complete *** hole after today and there is the "friend" who is a douche bag from hell...

So My "friend" moved in with my roommate and I acouple weeks ago because my "friend" had no where to go... Me of course being the nice guy and having feelings for my friend and more then just friend feelings... And both "friend" and roommate knew i had feelings and so what happens today... There having Sex right now... I mean ****** *** holes... So I lost all respect for them... And u know since hes "my friend" is it my choice to kick him out to the streets where the trash belongs.... God Now I really dont know what to do and I think i might go crazy like bad crazy
LifeIsCrazy2005 LifeIsCrazy2005
22-25, M
May 6, 2012