I Feel So Empty

Every now and then I have my moments of happiness but other than those my days are pretty blue.I'm not all that depressed but I just feel so lonely and helpless.It is like if I was stuck in an endless cycle.Ever since my best friend left me for her other friends it hasn't been the same.I just get through my days.I wake up,eat breakfast,my morning routine,go to school,do my work and come back home.I have friends,I'm not alone but they just bore me.I like one or two of my current friends.They are always looking for arguments and all this drama is not helping my moods.Sometimes I just wish someone would listen to me.To just sit there maybe hold me for a while and just listen.Not to judge me I have fake friends for that,not to tell me what to do I have my mother to do that but just to listen to me.Nobody ever gives me a chance to say what I think or feel.To most I am the one with the perfect life but in reality I have nothing.I am empty inside nothing can fill that empty gap inside of me.I cry myself to bed most nights and nobody knows.I just put a smile on my face and move on.Lately people have been noticing this and it worries me because how do I explain why I feel this certain way when even I don't know what is wrong with me.I feel like I'm acting like a victum here but it's the truth I admit I have emotional problems.It sucks not being able to focus on something because your brain is going in ten million directions.My grades are suffering and I cannot afford to get a bad score if I want a scholarship to princeton.Everything is so complicated and out of my control.Yet to top it all off no one cares.My parents are always busy,my friends are fake as barbies and after a while I have started to believe what they tell me.That I will get over it.It has been a year and it's the same lousy thing haunting me.I want to face my problem but I don't know what it is or where it started from.I just need someone to talk to.
Jenna1225 Jenna1225
22-25, F
1 Response May 7, 2012

Hi there! I just want to say that you can talk to me anytime! I love listening to my friends and it's what I do best! I sound a lot like you, actually. Except that I'm usually the listener, not the friend getting blown off by other people, although I don't have many friends but one. So if you want someone to talk to or listen to you, you can always talk to me! :)

Yeahh usually I am the listener too but when I need somebody nobody even takes five minutes to just be there.Thank you.WIll do