I'm Pregnant And I Dont Know What To Do....

I just turned 20 years old and I'm always home alone so I have a secret boyfriend and we had sex and the condom ripped, I'm pregnant and I dont know what to do I can't tell my parents they don't know I sneak a guy when I'm home alone they think I'm single they are very strict and I know they will kick me out if they find out my bf doesn't have money and he just lost he's job I need help I dont know what to do if I should get an abortion or run away from home some please help me!!!!
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i got pregnant when i was 18 n had my son at 19. my mom freaked out and stopped talking to me for the 1st 3 mnths of my pregnancy and the guy has yet seen my son. i had my son and he has been a blessing to me and my family and is my moms heart. its not easy being a single parent especially if no support but if i am doing it then so could you. if you feel your ready to be responsible for another life and put their needs before yours then i say have that baby and they will change your life for the better i promise. if you decide not to go through with it then its cuz your not ready theres always adoption too. only you know if you can do it. my mind was made up the day i found out that my son noah was going to be my angel and savior and he is. he just turned 2 the time flies. of course there are times i wish i was with my friends but the moments with my son are memorable and nothing else matters.

I've been in the same situation as you, 6 months ago, the difference is my parents knew I'm dating someone. I thought over and over again the possibilities, and adoption wasn't an option for me. I knew if I went on with the pregnancy I wouldn't be able to give my kid.<br />
I knew my family would help me if I wanted to go on with pregnancy, b/c they always told me if someday this happens they'll be there.<br />
My boyfriend were as scared as me, I'm still at College, but he's already working, and he said, he earned money for a long time, so we could live comfortably if we had the baby.<br />
We decided to go on with it, but then I had a natural abortion. It really broke my heart. As sweetxdeceit said, you think about him/her every single day. You see pregnant women everywhere, you think how old would be your kid, if it would have already born,... <br />
I'm not against abortion, but just in extreme cases, just if the baby wouldn't be loved, or you don't have any way to take care of him/her,...<br />
Don't be scared and talk to your parents. You've 20 years old, you're still young, but you can explain them what happened and that you're scared and you don't know what to do. In the end they're your parents, they love you, and they should give you a wise advise or at least support you whatever is your decision.<br />
Take care of yourself, and if you need someone to talk or support or... whatever, here I will be.

Thank you for your help but right now all I'm thinking about is the consequences and I can't stop crying I also have a very advanced depression

Then maybe you should really ask for help to your parents, even if they get mad or they don't agree with your decidion, they love you, and if they don't, I'll be here giving u all support I can!!
But, try to talk with them, or at least with someone...
Take care

I think you have to talk to your parents when they have this right mood....abortion is a sin and running away will leave a big hole for your parents...and you will just fired things up more....I would suggest to talk to them please. This is the only solution. Accept the possibility they would get angry, but that's normal. Dont just think they would kick you out...what if the possibility would be the opposite? You can't help it, but no matter what you'll do...they will know it!

it depends on you're morals. if your parents would really kick you out for getting preggers, then they're **** parents (no offence). i recently had an abortion and i dont really agree with it. i only did that because i thought it was the responsible thing to do seeing as my ex boyfriend wasnt going to support either me or the baby and i didnt think it was fair on the child. i know it was the right thing to do for my baby but it is the worst feeling in the world, especially if you dont really agree with it. when people say in movies and stuff 'theres not a day i dont think about him/her' or whatever and theyre talking about someones whos died, they're not lying. my baby is my last thought at night and my first in the morning. it was months ago that i did it now but you would not believe how much i think about it. its the kind of thing that ***** with your head but at the end of the day you've got to think about what's best for the baby, not for yourself. i realised i was being selfish wanting to keep mine because of the circumstances but if you've got a guy who's willing to stick round and support you and the baby, then **** your parents but if you aren't in a stable enough environment to look after a child then think carefully about your options. xx

Thank you for your comment it really helped me and my parents told me that if I ever got pregnant without being married they will not think it twice and kick me out I am really scared and I can't stop cryin my depression is making everything worse:(

babe i suffer from depression too. at the time, i had been living with my ex and his family for a year and they kicked me out and i have never spoken to any of them since. i had to get police involved for the abuse i was getting off them on facebook and in person. i self harm so was feeling very anxious and suicidal ; my world had gone from almost perfect to feeling like i had no-one. but this baby is a part of you and your boyf, something that you have created and you should never have to choose between family and your baby. My ex basically said it's me or the baby, so i told him straight it's the baby then and it hurt like hell because I loved him to pieces but I knew that the baby was more important and anyone, boyfriend or family, whoever they are, obviously aren't worth your time if they give you threats or ultimatums like that. I know I don't know you but I have been through this so let me know how everything's going and I'll try and help you as much as I can. Stay strong xx