When You Find That Person...

Doesn't it feel so good to just find that one person you can trust? You can talk to them about everything, anything, and they don't think any less of you. They don't pretend not to think differently of you upon receiving new information, because that would be stupid... every new experience you share, every day you live, makes you a different person... but there is just that one person who doesn't care.

They aren't necessarily your best friend, and they aren't usually your enemy. They are almost like your personal therapist. You develop a certain kind of infatuation with them, but in a good way. Often, they will help you through any situation, just by knowing what to say. There are a lot of people in my life that I try not to judge, and I can trust almost completely. But there are VERY few to whom I feel I could blurt out everything on my mind. Aside from the fact that it would be ridiculous, as the human brain encounters so many millions of thoughts daily, it would be impractical, and almost 'unsafe'.

As an example, if I made the statement, "I don't support gay marriage", to the wrong person, I would have my head ripped off by masses of people... people who don't bother to ask the basic question, WHY. They would understand as soon as I said I don't support labeling an official act of 'love' as something other than what it is. It is like defining people who are attracted to others of the same sex, as something other than human; as if they are some other race. If two people want to get married, it is their choice, and not the rest of the world's, so why should it make a difference if it is to someone of the same sex or different? There have been cases where a man has married a dead woman, and vice versa... now I think THAT is a little more creepy honestly... But my point really is, that given the first statement, about 99% of people would judge my character, as to whether or not they agreed with what I was saying. However, I've finally found the person I can relate to, who understands. There is no pedestal, no judging, no expectations. Everything is just... understandable.

I was telling my 'personal therapist' about my life back in Queensland, and we got onto the topic of relationships. I happened to be talking about one of my ex's who cheated on me, and later asked to get back together (or somewhere in THAT general sense), to which I would obviously reply no (most of us have had an experience along these ilnes, so....) My 'therapist' accepted the fact, gave his opinion on THOSE things, and we moved on. Whereas earlier in the day, where I was telling a similar story to another good friend, and she immediately needed to know all the details, and whether I had or not, as if it was the only important part of the conversation. Now, I see this is counter-productive. I ask, is it really useful to spill information to people because they are interested in it?

I guess it's hard to answer. Some people find it helpful just getting it off their chest. I don't. I can write about it, but when no one can help you, or comfort you, insensitively asking specific details which you would rather not remember, what is the point? I must admit that I am quite taken with this account, as people don't know you here, so they don't really judge you, but rather, offer advice, or similar stories. It's not the same, but it's still nice.

I guess, when I talked to this boy again today, I realised that he really is "that person"... he is the person I love having in my life, who I can talk to about anything. There is no need for romantic sentiments, no need for small talk. It's just two people fitting in to part of a large jigsaw puzzle, connecting at the corners.
CaitieLynn CaitieLynn
22-25, F
May 8, 2012